I've moved!

Like alot of bloggers before me, I’ve also moved away from Wordpress. The blog now runs on GitHub pages, using Jekyll as the blogging platform.


The most important question is, why move?

For me, there where 2 reasons:

  1. I like Wordpress, and found Wordpress.com handy to get started. I considered self hosting my Wordpress blog, but didn’t feel like installing php or a sql server. I also found Worpress a bit too big for my blogging needs, and since I like to be in control of everything (my wife calls it: control-freak), I got lost in all the options.
  2. It’s fun to try new stuff :)

So, because I wanted to kick start my blog again, why not start from scratch!


I started out by doing everything on my own locally. After reading up on some other blogs, I thought that would take too much time to set everything up myself. That’s when I found the Jekyll Now repo.

Basically you can just fork it and start customising. I really love it’s simplicity, so it serves as a really good starting point for a minimalistic blog. You can read the full tutorial of how to set it up at the Jekyll Now repo.

I’m also using prose.io to edit the files. It works directly on my repo and has a built in Mardown editor (among other blogging features, such as draft posts and images support). Works very well on the go too. Great tool!

So now I’ve gotten a minimalistic blog over which I’ve got full control and I can manage fully in the cloud.

So far I’m liking this! :)


So, what can you expect to see on this bog?

I’m planning to do a series on building a maintainable Asp.Net MVC site. After that maybe I’ll do some posts on Windows Phone development.

You can follow my blog if you’d like to be kept up-to-date.


I’ve not migrated my old posts yet. Still looking for a good (= easy) way to convert them to the Markdown format. It’s also not a top priority since, the old site will remain online.

And now, lets get blogging!

Written on August 28, 2014